Project Background

The developer-designed UI had a series of drop-downs that have to be chosen one by one.

Developer-led UI was time consuming for users, so the team brought me in to design a simple way for workers to catch the daily bus to the factory.
The QR checkin also provides floor managers with an accurate attendance reading an hour earlier than normal.


Re-designed app UI that starts with a map showing the users location. The user can expand the list of upcoming busses and click on one to see more. Once the user confirms a bus, a QR code is saved to their passbook.

Lessons Learned

This project taught me a massive lesson in the importance of understanding users, not patterns. I found out that Thai people, especially blue collar workers, do not navigate with a birds-eye view. The majority navigate using memory and land marks. My experience with taxi drivers should have hinted at this.

Landmarks not maps

I had assumed a map-centric application would make the most sense, but it was scrapped in favor of simple lines and dots with landmarks. The workers would not need timely updates on the bus status, they live in constant flux due to heavy traffic. The app later launched with a far simpler interface than what I had envisioned.